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Our Mission

The “Mission” of R & R & CO Steel Detailing is simple: To provide the “highest quality” shop drawings for Steel Fabricators, so as to:

  • Minimize shop questions
  • Maximize speed in fabrication
  • Minimize field fixes and down time during erection, due to shop drawing errors
  • The effect:

  • Minimize fabrication cost
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Maximize profit for the Steel Fabricator

About us

R & R & CO Steel Detailing is a full service structural & miscellaneous steel detailing company. We specialize in generating the "highest quality" steel detail drawings, both for the fabrication shop, and for the job site. Every project is approached with professionalism, yet with a personal touch, and with the Client's specifications in mind.

We provide steel detailing services for all types of commercial and industrial building projects. This includes new as well as retrofit projects, steel framework projects, concrete tilt-ups, industrial conveyor systems, composite steel & wood projects, schools, etc. We are available to detail any project containing steel, large or small, requiring quality fabrication shop drawings, and field installation drawings.


Founded by Ron Rothert, R & R & CO Steel Detailing began operating as a Sole Proprietorship in 1992. With over 40 years experience, Ron Rothert has watched the steel detailing industry move from drafting tables and slide rules to computer detailing and 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM.) However, R & R & CO Steel Detailing has not lost sight of what is important to the fabricator....the Output.

We have been, and always will be committed to producing the “highest quality” shop drawings in the industry.

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